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The House Clearance Company

Clearance and Recycle understand the seriousness of fire damage and the devastating ,stressful effect they can cause by disrupting your business or home. Cleanup following a fire or flood is a difficult  time consuming task and requires  specailist knowledge  to appropriately restore items to a pre-loss condition without causing further damage.We clean and clear fire damaged property,swiftly and efficiently  at affordable prices.



Specialist services...Fire damaged properties, filthy and venamous properties, damaged properties left in a poor state of disrepair



A property that has become unsanitary to the point of attracting infestations by rodents or other pests poses a significant health and environment risk.

Clearance and recycle  clear the property of any infestations ,then deep clean and sanitise   the property  we have cleared ., it is particularly important that waste from these premises is dealt with professionally and responsibly due to the risk of disease.

Some examples of what may constitute this type of clearance are:


 Premises where there is a large amount of decaying food

    Premises which may be contaminated with human or animal faeces

    Houses or property that has attracted an infestation of mice , rats or cockroaches

    General decaying and rotting waste


You can be assured that your property will be cleared in a responsible way and all waste correctly disposed of, at which time the property can then be sanitised ensuring it is free from risk of disease.

Where  a property has been left in a bad state of disrepair or left in unsanitory conditions ,Clearance and recycle canundertake the job ,saving a lot of stress and time consuming hassle ,we can  restore the property ,repainting ,replacing Broken fixtures and fittings ,replacing broken glass and even repairing or replacing broken furnishings

Damaged properties left in a poor state

Filthy and venamous properties

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