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The House Clearance Company

How does house clearance work?

A house clearance is a service offered by a few different businesses including specialist clearance companies, removal companies, general waste removal companies, as well as ‘man and van’ sole traders.


There is usually a simple process that is followed when any customers request a house clearance.


1. Get an estimate

You first need to contact a house clearance company and request an estimate. Here at The House Clearance Co Marbella , we provide free instant online estimates and advice for all our services. Free House Cleances and we pay you ,house clearances .


2. Compare the service, not just the price

It is important to compare the service offered when house empting, and not just the price. This is important due to the continuing prevalence of rogue clearance companies and fly-tippers who may offer a ‘cheap’ price but then illegal dispose of the rubbish.


If a rogue clearance company fly tips, you personally could be liable for the fine. Watch out for rogue fly-tippers.Here at the house clearance co we recycle 99% of everything picked up , we keep as much out of landfill as possible , but all waste is documented


3. The Clearance Company  can either come out to you or you can whatsapp pictures to one of our advisors and we will give you a quote ,We will either pay you or clear for free depending on condition of contents .In the case of ruined items ,fire flood damaged , neglegted or unsalvagable we will charge a small fee but always endevour to pay you or clear for free .if you are happy you can proceed ,we also offer free collection services


On the day of your house clearance

A good house clearance company on the day will notify you prior to their arrival at the agreed time.


6. Your house clearance begins

On arrival your house clearance team should introduce themselves, you then show them what items are needing to be cleared, you and then the team begin loading up their van(s).


7. Your house clearance finishes

A good Clearance co will leave your house Clean and Tidy


8. Reuse and Recycle

Next, the house clearance team will either reuse, recycle, donate, or tip off the items from your house clearance. Reputable firms will always try to limit the volume of waste going to landfill. Here at The House Clearance Co , we bypass landfill as much as possible and try to donate items to charity to help ensure that items are reused.


9. Leave honest, independent feedback

Lastly, you should be asked to leave honest, independent feedback. If you have not been asked, you can contact the house clearance company to find out how.


Honest, independent feedback is important to ensure a high level of service in the clearance industry and help to remove unwanted rogues and fly-tippers.


In a nutshell, that’s how a house clearance works.



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