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Garage Clearance



Our Clearance Crews can perform a full Garage Clearance service, removing all the items you request, such as personal possessions, carpets, white household appliances, electrical equipment, and all the clutter, junk and rubbish that you need to be cleared. Here at Clearance and Recycle you are guaranteed a service like no other. Our Clearance Crews are specially trained Garage Clearance operatives. This means that they have the skills, knowledge and experience to clear your home quickly and respectfully.



Garage Clearance – How it works


To make things as simple as possible we have created our 6 Simple Step Clearance guide. From start to finish you select the service you require, check that we offer that service in your area, you call us on our freephone number 0034 663456820 to get a free quote, if you are happy with the quote you can book on the telephone by choosing a two hour time slot of your choice, we turn up on time and start work after introducing ourselves, and finally when the work is complete we sort through the items for recycling and waste.


Here is our 5 step service…


   Step One: Select a service.

   Step Two: Check we work in your area.

   Step Three: Get a free 0034 671102692

   Step Four: Book a 2 hour time slot

   Step Five: We arrive on time, introduce ourselves and do the work.